Birthday Cake Toppers

August 18 2015

Birthday Cake Toppers make decorating a cake for any birthday super easy. Cake toppers are available plain, with out any birthday age and read Happy Birthday and can be cut out in a variety of fonts.

There is also available Happy Birthday with the age included in the design. We can also personally design  a cake topper with a number or age to suit your individual needs.

Cake toppers can be designed with an artwork design included in the design to really make a personalised cake topper. May be you have someone special and they like cars, trucks, motorbikes, dancing, animals or something unique to that person, no problems we can design a cake topper to suit that person.

Cake toppers are made from acrylic and available in a great range of colours. There is sure to be something to match in with your party celebrations. Cake toppers are available in a large or small size or individually ordered to any size.

Contact us to design a cake topper for you.