January 20 2015

Colac Gifts and Engraving specialise in engraving on all different kinds of materials.  Our laser engraver can be used to engrave onto wood, glass, acrylic, paper, leather, stainless steel and many other products. As the laser engraver is driven by computer programmes the attention to detail is very accurate and the finest details can be obtained. Printing photo’s onto our wood, glass or stainless steel range will give you a treasured gift to last a life time.

Some of the other products that we can also engrave include trophies, compliance plates, wooden plaques, traffolyte labels, signage, stamps, common seal and even craft supplies like paper embellishments or wooden buttons.

We can deliver any where around Colac or arrange pick up in Camperdown or post any where in Australia.  Contact us to help your with your next  project.